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Within 30 days of us being notified that one of your employees would like to benefit from the scheme, they will receive from us:

A step by step guide on why making a will is important, including key questions to help them consider how they would like to distribute their estate

A factsheet on why ‘death in service nomination forms’ should be completed

Information about Lasting Power of Attorney’s (LPA) and when these should be considered

A terms of engagement contract between us and them

A will questionnaire – If an employee is happy to communicate by email, we can provide an interaction will questionnaire for completion

Our contact details so that we can schedule telephone or skype call

Those employees who opt for our ‘make a will plus’ scheme will also receive an inheritance tax questionnaire with guidance

Once the employee returns the completed wills and inheritance tax questionnaire if appropriate, we will within 28 days sent to them:

Draft wills for review and approval

A step by step guide on how to approve or make amends to the wills

Employees who opted for our ‘make a will plus’ scheme, will receive an inheritance tax report

Once the content of the wills has been approved, your employee will receive the final bound versions, with a step by step guide on how the will should be signed and witnessed. The signed version can be returned to us for storage free of charge or the employee can retain.

As our personal circumstances can change, we will automatically contact your employee even if they no longer work for you every five years to check that the content of the will is still uptodate.